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Information on Grab & Go Meals for Virtual Students

The Mineral Springs School District is pleased to offer Grab & Go meals for those enrolled students who are not on campus every day (virtual Students). There are several things you need to know about Grab & Go:


  • Meals are available for Grab & Go only by Pre-Order.
  • These are sack lunches with a full meal for each day.
  • Deadline to pre-order is Friday at 2:00pm for pick up the following Monday.
  • Grab & Go pick up is at Mineral Springs Elementary at the front of the school between 10:00am and 11:00am on Mondays.
  • Parents will be allowed to pick up meals for the student; the student need not be present for pick up.
  • Grab & Go meals are available only for enrolled stuents.
  • Arrangements must be made in advance of pick up for payment for meals of reduced or paid students. Payments will be accepted in the meal pick up line.
  • All meals served under Grab & Go must be accounted for by school staff by marking the student’s name on a student roster.
  • Families may purchase meals for siblings at $3.75 per meal. Indicate on the order form how many sibling meals are requested. All sibling meals will be cold packed to be reheated or served cold.


Enter your student’s information in the form below. Put a check by the days that meals are requested. If you check all 5 days, meals will be prepared and you will receive 5 cold packed lunches to be re-heated or eaten cold for Monday through Friday, as well as 5 cold breakfasts to be eaten Tuesday through Friday and the following Monday.

Please Fill Out The Form Below

What days are you requesting meals for? Be sure to check all days that apply.

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