Contact Information

Mineral Springs Water Tower 
Interim Superintendent 
Billy Lee
High School Principal
Clint Jones
Elementary Principal
Stacy Gauldin
Dean of Students
Rob Plant
Director of Technology
Adam West
Mineral Springs Campus  
130 West McCrary
Mineral Springs, AR 71851
Saratoga Campus "Administration"
2301 Main Street
Saratoga, AR 71859
Accounts Payable
PO Box 189
Mineral Springs, AR 71851

District Phone (870) 287-4747
Administration Fax (870) 388-6942
High School Fax (870) 287-5300
Elementary Fax (870) 287-4743
Billy Lee     Interim Superintendent      Ext 642 
Marla Williams     District Bookkeeper            Ext 646
Frankie Tollett     District Treasurer                Ext 645
Wendy Reed     Federal Programs            Ext 643
Robyn Walton     Administration Secretary      Ext 641   
Clint Jones     High School Principal        Ext 343 
Judy Hart     High School Secretary     Ext 341
Erma Braxton     High School Secretary         Ext 342 
Stacy Gauldin     Elementary Principal           Ext 243 
Charlene Walton     Elementary Secretary         Ext 241
Rob Plant     Dean of Students                 Ext 344 
David Bennett     Athletic Director.                   Ext 542
Brandon Smith     School Resource Officer      Ext 654
Adam West     Director of Technology          Ext 430