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ADE Program Standard 7.00- IDENTIFICATION

The purpose of careful and comprehensive identification procedures is to find and serve as many students as possible who need special programs to develop their exceptional abilities. It is important to identify students with potential for outstanding achievement. The emphasis in identification should be on student need for qualitatively differentiated educational services beyond what is provided through the classroom curriculum.


  1. First, students are referred by teachers, parents, community members or students. Referral does not mean students are placed in the program; it is the beginning of the process.
  2. Next, we test. We use objective and subjective methods of testing such as standardized achievement tests, a creativity test, and rating scales.
  3. Each referred student is assigned a number, and a profile sheet is created including anecdotal data. 
  4. A selection committee meets and views the information. No student names are revealed. Members of the committee place students whose scores reflect a need for qualitatively differentiated educational experiences and services. 
  5. After all identification procedures are followed, names may be revealed. Letters are sent requesting permission to place students in the program.

Our identification procedures are monitored and approved by the Arkansas Department of Gifted and Talented Education.