High School Message from Mr. Jones


On Tuesday, March 31st, MSSD will be making iPads available as well as a weekly food supply pick up for our students. If you are in need of an iPad, please email Mr. Jones at clint.jones@msisd.net and let him know that you will be checking one out. If you want to pick up food, you will receive a week's worth of grab-n-go type meals. You can come to the school any time from 11am to 1pm to check out your iPad and pick up your food. As far as school work goes, there will be a widget (button) that you can click on the school’s website www.msisd.net After you click that widget, there will be a list of assignments for different classes. You can click onto your class and see your assignment. The assignment will have information on how to turn in your assignment; different teachers may have different requirements.