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Welcome to the Mineral Springs Special Services Web page.  The primary purpose of this department is to provide special services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, known as IDEA.  Special Services also coordinates the services for students who have been identified as Section 504 eligible.

Special Services are designed for students with disabilities from age 5 to age 21.  In addition to the instructional units and related services, the special education department provides an array of support services to assist students, parents, and school personnel.   A translator provides oral and written assistance when needed for our Hispanic population.  Personnel from the Special Education Department work closely with therapists, principals, regular education educators, and parents to determine appropriate programming and placement for eligible students.  The delivery models include, but are not limited to indirect instruction, Direct instruction, resource room, and self-contained.  

Mineral Springs School District uses Cornerstone School Base Mental Health and ACAP School Based Mental Health.  Current instructional staff includes 5 special education teachers, 1 speech/language pathologist, 3 paraprofessional, 1 occupational therapist and  1 physical therapist  and 1 physical therapist coda, and a Special Education Director/504 coordinator.

For additional information about special services in Mineral Springs Public School District contact Janine Allen, Special Education Supervisor/504 Coordinator at (870)-287-4747, ext. 441 or janine.allen@msisd.net

Mineral Springs Schools Seeking Children in Need of Special Services

The Mineral Springs School District is participating in an ongoing statewide effort to identify, locate, and evaluate children from birth to the age of 21, who have a physical, mental, communicative and/or emotional disability.  Early identification of children in need of special education experiences is most important to each child.  Furthermore, this information gathered from contacts with parents and other agencies will be used to help determine present and future program needs as progress is made toward the goal of providing a free appropriate public education to all children with a disability.


The Mineral Springs School District will work with the local Head Start, ABC Human Services, Health Department, and Mental Health Agencies, as well as local education agencies, physicians, and other individuals to identify and locate children out of school and in school who may be in need of special education services.  Please contact Mineral Springs Schools Special Education Department at 870-287-4747 ext. 441 If you know any child who may have a disability.


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