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Dyslexia Information (6-41-606): 7.02.1/7.02.2/7.02.3 - During previous school year: The dyslexia intervention programs used; The number of students who received dyslexia intervention; and The total number of students who were identified with dyslexia.

Dyslexia Information

The Arkansas State Legislature enacted Act 1294 of the 2013 regular session to ensure that children with dyslexia have their needs met by all Arkansas public school systems.  ACT 1268 of 2015 amended parts of the original legislation.  The legislation defines dyslexia, describes required screening and intervention, and lists required actions of the state, education cooperatives, and school districts.  

Dyslexia professional awareness can be accessed online, at an education service cooperative, or at another venue approved by the ADE. Dyslexia: A Three Part Professional Development is a one-hour online course available at ArkansasIdeas.

The ADE is currently providing professional development for dyslexia specialists at each education service cooperative. The dyslexia specialists are available to provide necessary information and support to local districts. Access a list of dyslexia specialists

Please email all dyslexia questions or comments to